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THE STONEPORTAL Olof Thiel has made the film "THE STONEPORTAL". Olof has used parts of my piece Lemuriel in his film. So, this wasn't really a collaboration but I have made a small contribution to Olofs wonderfully beautiful film. THE STONE PORTAL

Hopp, drömmar & förbjudna hågkomster "Hopes, dreams and forbidden rememberances" is a colloboration between Magnus Johansson and myself. Magnus took the photographs of the demonstrations at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China 1989. In 2020 we made a video of the slides and added four channel music. The sound sources are voice recordings of Magnus own story from when the pictures were taken, and recordings of the national anthem of P.R. China och the Internationale. Video (opens in a popup window)

Qawwali "I will go with the yogi", music by Emma Margetson, Charlie Lockwood, Scott Wilson and myself. Video by Tasawar Bashir. Watch a snippet (opens in a popup window)

The Forest The Forest is a collaboration between Marie-Louise Crawley (choreographer and dancer), Madalena Brak-Lamy (dancer) and myself. The performance was made during nine days and was funded by ACE (Arts Council England). The project ended in a Sharing at MAC in Birmingham. The performance is 34 minutes long and has eight channel surround sound.

Xtra hogtalare (beskuren) New CD: XTRA HÖGTALARE (Electron Records). A releaseparty was held on the 25:th of january 2013 at Fylkingen. Music by Girilal Baars, Eva Erbenius, Helene Hedsund, Magnus Johansson, Mathias Josefson, Boa Pettersson och Leonard Tsouo was performed.  

Maria Montner: Parasoll i park (beskuren) During the automn of 2012, Magnus Johansson and I made music for an exhibition of Maria Montners paintings at "Galleri Eva Solvang".  

Känn dig själv: Affektariet During our studies at the Dramatic Institute (nowadays Stockholms Dramatiska Högskola) Ninni Hasselberg, Girilal Baars and I got the opportunity to compose the music for "Affektariet"; a part of the exhibition "Känn dig själv" that was on display at Kulturhuset during the spring of 2010.

Maria Montner: Grönt vatten (beskuren) During the spring of 2009, Magnus Johansson and I made music for an exhibition of av Maria Montners paintings at "Galleri Eva Solvang".  

Spelande skuggor "Spelande skuggor" was a performance at "Kulturhuset" by Lina Hanno. In consisted of mime, costume, song och music. Collaborators were, amongst others Åsa Hanno, Helena Jonsson och Carina Greitz. I wrote the music which was performed on violin, cello och synthesizer.

The sound example is a version with synthesizer only.

Nevskij Prospekt cd Nevskij Prospekt ep "Nevskij Prospekt" was a band that was active between 1984-1991. We released a CD and an EP and toured scandinavia. The sound example is "Himmelsbragd i en munhåla" from the CD "Sameguld".