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LEMURIEL 9.12, 8 channels, 2019.
Out of the escalator noise at T-centralen, a few singing lemurs appears. At the end of the piece they try to sing the hymn 'O come O come Emmanuel'.

INANNAN 12.09, 12 channels, 2019.
A new version of an old piece of mine: Inanna from 1996. The melody has been "sliced", i.e. split up in 12 soundfiles, one for each pitch (c, c#, d, d# etc). These slices are played back, randomly chosen, and slightly stretched. The result sounds a bit surprising.

INUTI 9.12, 16 channels, 2017.
9/12 2015, leaf blowers on William Street, Birmingham, UK. Interpreted through the 'inside of a piano' found at EMS.

PASTORAL 10.00, 6 channels, 2016.
My contribution to the competition SONIC EXPLORATIONS OF A RURAL ARCHIVE. The sounds comes from viseururalmedias archive. Pastoral came 2:nd.

BUS NO. 1 9.12, 24 channels, 2015.
Bus no. 1 in Birmingham, going from MAC to Five Ways on December 9, 2014.

KLINGA 11.00, eight channels, 2015.
A saw blade from Forsby Kvarn.

MIŠKAS 14.16, eight channels, 2014.
SuperCollider version of Miškas, used as a sound installation.

UNDER THE EIFFEL TOWER 12.09, eight channels, 2014.
A 71 seconds long field recording made under the Eiffel Tower on December 9 2013 is the foundation for this piece. You never hear the actual field recording, but the field recording played through a recorded Yamaha Grand piano.

9 STATIONS 12.09, eight channels, 2014.
The sound material in 9 stations is made up of recordings from nine European railway stations: Stockholm central, Stockholm södra and Malmö central in Sweden. Hamburg Hauptbahnhof and Köln Hauptbahnhof in Germany. Gare d'Austerlitz in Paris, France. Bruxelles Midi in Belgium. University (Birmingham) and Edinburg Waverley railway station in the UK.

DECEMBER 9 - TRIPTYCH 16.00, eight channels, 2013.  
    I. 1963 - RAIN  
    II. 1978 - WIND  
    III. 2012 - SNOW  
The piece is a sonification of weather conditions on the 9th of December for three selected years. In Part I, the sound material is a laundry rack, in Part II cutlery, and in part III one of the pianos in the recreation house of the Lithuanian composers' union in Druskininkai.

MIŠKAS 8.00, eight channels, 2012.
Miškas means forest in Lithuanian. The piece was created during a residency in Druskininkai, Lithuania. The sound material is made up of field recordings from the forests in Druskininkai.

PASSIO 9.00, video, eight channel sound, 2011.
A study of Eila Hitunens sculpture Passio Musicae. The sounds were recorded, and the pictures taken during two visits to Helsinki in april 2009 and april 2011.
Note! If you listen to Passio in computer speakers, you will probably not hear anythig in the beginning. The sounds are too low in frequency for computer speakers.

KLINGA 7.00, four channels, 2011.
A saw blade from Forsby Kvarn.

SKRIKA 8:20, eight channels, 2011
The sound material in Skrika consists of recorded voices, mostly screams. The voices have been filtered in different ways and according to different scales. The voices belongs to:
  • Girilal Baars
  • Carina Greitz
  • Helene Hedsund
  • Helena Jonsson
  • Boa Pettersson

NAV Four video projections, eight channel sound, 2010.
NAV is an installation made up of four video projektions. Each with stereo sound. All video and sound is played back simultaneously on/from all sides of a square room with eight speakers.

MELLANRUM 8.00, four channels, 2010.
The sound material in Mellanrum is made from the recordings of three musicians:
  • Håkan - Clarinett
  • Robert - Guitar
  • Marcus - Saxophone
All the distinctive instrument sounds have been removed, leaving only the sounds from the musicians themselves and a few very weak instrument sounds. These small sounds have been enlarged and made audible.

PLOCKEPINN 6.30, four channels, 2009.

XING Xing 5.00, stereo, 2006.
Collaboration with Magnus Johansson. The sound material is made up of a recording where Magnus plays violin. Amplitudes and frequencies follows the outline of a five-pionted star.

VRED 3.00, stereo. 1997
Unfinished piece. The sound material is made up of a recording of Mikael Vinjestrand playing the violin.